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notching fiddle leaf fig

They can be affected by lower temperatures, a lack of humidity and less light – just for starters! I’ve got 2 baby fiddle leaf figs. Another method I use to promote branching and fruit spur development is notching. Will one of them become the main trunk? But a Fiddle Leaf Fig that is moved to a brighter, warmer location than its current one should not respond negatively. So you recommend watering until it drains through approx every two weeks In Winter? Built by Newcastle Creative Co. A post shared by Emily Connett – Dossier Blog (@dossierblog) on Mar 23, 2020 at 1:24am PDT. I actually wrote a post on strengthening the trunk, and the tips in that post will help with thickening the trunk too. If so, other options could be to propagate a stem, which you can then grow singularly in a pot to form a more tree-like shape. I read not to stake the plants. When performing this method, you can perform two tactics Its also best to wait til the growing season before making changes like this. If you can help me that question you will be a legend!!! To promote a fruiting spur or fruiting bud, notch below a node or bud. Do this above a leaf node. Many became enamored with its large, glossy, violin-shaped leaves which brought the wow factor to a home’s décor. Hi! I’ve noticed that 3 leaves near the bottom have yellowed and now I have cut back on watering. Hi! But again, if there’s no unhealthy signs of this already on the plant, I would say the soil is most likely fine. That link for “good fertilizer (this one is best for FLF’s)” – for a second, i thought it was a flat iron LOL 🙂 Plants grown for sale are often grown in ideal, greenhouse-like environments. Hope that helps! These forums go into a lot of depth about FLFs and are a great resource! Perhaps cutting larger holes in the bottom on the plastic pot until the spring, or is it all right to change the soil now? We recently moved it because we moved the unit it was sitting on and very suddenly (as in within days) it’s leaves have all turned yellow and are falling off. Encouraging New Growth Notch your fiddle leaf trunk to encourage it to grow new branches. I live in zone 6. There’s two branches growing down at the dirt level. Thanking you, Watering is dependant on so many individual factors rather than than a set schedule! You can always prune it if it gets too tall. The leaf node below the notch should begin to grow in a few weeks. Otherwise they should sprout again at the growth tip of the branch. Hi, I brought home a beautiful fiddle leaf tree. Fiddle Leaf Fig Branching. I’m wondering, what do you think is the minimum amount of direct light a FLF needs in order to survive? With a little extra care, you can have them continue to grow through all seasons. I’d recommend starting once Spring hits. I kind of think that I want it to be nourished in sunlights, but kind of scared to do so! I overwatered my flf . Overall the plant looks great.. besides few brown spots, but worried about the soil taking so long to dry out. Quite useful tips however I do not agree that they are slow growing and I’ll explain why..I have had my flf bush since 6/2017 and it was but 3 feet tall when it was purchased. The name comes from the thick violin-shaped leaves that grow off the plant’s woody stems. My flf has a sturdy trunk with five branches. 🙂. If there’s not enough leaves, your plant will not be able to get the nutrients it needs from sunlight and heightens its chances of being unhealthy or dying. Or is there any way to encourage the new growth on the same spot i did notching? I’m not familiar with how the spikes work but it might depend on if they are a slow release fertilizer or not. Thanks, I’ll go out and add a few notches right now. I have a FLF that is about 2 feet tall with 7 small(er) trunks. Here’s I sometimes give newly-forming leaves a mist to stop them from ripping, and that’s about it. Hope that helps! Fiddle Leaf Fig Propagation. You can still split them but how successful it is will partly depend on how close together the trunks are or how intertwined the root system is. Built by Newcastle Creative Co. A post shared by Emily Connett – Dossier Blog (@dossierblog) on Mar 23, 2020 at 1:24am PDT. I already have a humidifier and I’m planning on getting a grow light. You don’t want the WHOLE pot to dry out – this would stress out the plant. Now patiently waiting for her to start branching out. It sounds like your FLF has a double trunk, you could still achieve the tree-shape letting both the trunks grow, it would be a unique FLF! So: water the plant fully until the excess drains. ? Hey Rhi, yes notching will encourage branches at the location where you make a notch. Hi Breanna, check out the link to the forum below which has some more specific information – These forums taught me a huge amount! Hey Mary! It seems to be thriving now – but not in the way we had hoped. Possibly filling it up with rocks and then soil? Thank you for this post! Thank you! 1 has 2 trunks and the other has 3. Can I set the plants out in the morning to get the good outdoor light they are used to and then bring them in at night to protect them from the cold? Would you recommend switching to a 3-1-2 and how long should I wait to switch after I stop using the 6-12-6 spikes? By noon or so, the sun has risen over the top of our building, and for the rest of the day the apartment only gets lit by reflections and shadows. not a sprawling bush, but more of a bush-tree). Multiple trunks: If your FLF seems to have more than one trunk in its pot, it is possible that it is actually more than one plant! When I got her I noticed it had two trunks. Is it better to leave those leaves for now if the spots are relatively small, or should I prune them off? However, I live in NYC and I’m anticipating a really dark and dry winter. This is also why they can suffer when you first bring your Fiddle home. Hopefully one day you’ll be an expert FLF owner 😆, My baby FlF loves older type light bulb heat..not the no heat mercury LED light bulbs. Keep an eye on it and see what it responds to in terms of how much water and light it needs. I often share my own Fiddle Leaf Fig updates and care tips over on Instagram – come join me! Your email address will not be published. The soil on top is dry, but moisture meter is reading wet in the middle downward. It is now all the way to the ceiling and still giving off new leaves. It’s now also started to crinkle, brown and split at the edges of the leaves. It is a little earlier in the season than I would normally prune, but I think as long as your plants are getting good light there shouldn’t be any issues with branching. Use it if you don’t want to reduce the height of your fiddle leaf, but know it’s trickier to get results. Hi there, I purchased a FLF and it’s growing really well it’s pretty much doubled in size 1.5ft to 3ft in about 2 months. But FLFs do prefer to slightly dry out between waterings. They are growing amazingly well and are constantly getting new leaves. Be aware that it’s normal for there to be some possible negative side effects of transitioning a plant indoors. If you have issues with signs of overwatering, then it might pay to repot now in a chunky, well draining mix with something like cactus soil & some horticultural charcoal. My question is – in the interest of getting him to grow into the mighty tree I know he can be, what do I do with these two diverted stems? She’s been repotted once but I didn’t split them because I was too scared I would kill them. It's a banyan fig, which means that it begins its life high in the branches of another tree, then sends its roots down to the ground where it slowly strangles the host tree to death. You’ll want to get a sharp pair of pruning shears because dull tools or scissors can crush the stems and damage your plant. FLFs love sunlight and I’ve found that it’s a major factor in getting them growing large and healthy 🙂 Just remember they do need to be acclimatized to any direct sun. FLFs can handle having no direct light (as long as they’re still close to a window) although the more light the better. Thanks for all the great info on FLF. thank you, Hey Sharlee, FLFs can be pretty resilient so I’m sure it will recover! Sometimes the trunks are weak because they have grown without enough sunlight – you can confirm this if there are gaps between the leaves. It is very healthy and loves it’s location but it is getting way too big. I’ve just bought another FLF with three stems in the pot, to grow bushy and lush. I bought my fiddle leaf fig in May and about 2 weeks ago the leaves on one entire branch turned brown and brittle and fell off in what seemed like overnight. You can read it here. Do you have any suggestions about temperature regulation or am I worrying too much? We’re getting very low light levels. Hi Chad, that’s amazing growth! I have mine on my patio. A monthly check should be fine. All the best! I bought a fiddle leaf fig, probably 2 years ago. Whatever you decide, try to imagine how you’d like the plant to look in the long run. While I don’t feel confident in my ability to separate them and re-pot, I still would like each trunk to grow straight-upwards and relatively close (grouped) together (i.e. Hey Nathaniel, if the temperatures are fine for you they should be ok for the plant too! Hey, I am experiencing my first winter with my fig tree. Can I grow my FLF bush into a tree? Can I rope these limbs together? I have it in a window with very bright light and noticing brown spots on the edges outer part of leaves. I’m also concerned that my fiddle isnt receiving adequate light. I hope you find this video useful and check back for update videos. To some extent, these plants can acclimatise to cooler weather. And make sure it’s above a leaf node. While some gardeners swear they’ve been able to grow a Fiddle Leaf Fig from a single leaf cutting, science tells us we need the DNA stored in the stem of the plant for propagation to be successful. Those large leaves can quickly build up a covering of dust particles, which can block light from the plant. I've read that FLFs are very tempermental and I'm hoping for some help re: timing in helping promote branch growth. Spring brings plenty of rain and in the Fall we get breezy tornado weather. This will help with the transition and will hopefully lessen any shock for the plant by bringing it in to a low-light space suddenly. I think read about keeping it in the garage for winter. I’m sure you’ve noticed that dry-skin feeling that comes with the cooler months. Your advice has made me a relatively good FLF grower! No growth whatsoever! They will often lean towards the light source, so make sure you rotate the plant around weekly. Hey Kyra, I’m wondering if she meant to braid the stems together? 😊 I love having indoor plants to help freshen the air too! You can also get 15% off with the code dossier2021 thanks to Soltech. It keeps sending out leaves from the top seems to be growing well. I bought my FLF as a mature tree. The sudden yellowing & leaf drop sounds like it could be exposed to cold air or a draft though – can you check if there’s any cold air coming through the window or if there’s an air vent or heater blowing onto the plant in its new location? I live in Alberta, Canada & it gets really cold here. The pot should never fully dry out, and when the top couple of inches feels dry, you know its time to water again. Hi Judy, you could rope the three branches together as an option. It’s always good when you find something that works! It may mean removing some of the lower leaves! Both have leaves on their trunks from the soil to the top of the trunk. I appreciate the help! You could still tie the branches together, however this won’t necessarily help the plant in the long-run, in terms of getting it to stand straight on it’s own. First, … Do you think placing the humidifier might near it might help? Hi Anne, unfortunately if you trim the edges of the leaves, they won’t grow back! My question is- where exactly do I cut the top off in order to branch? It even grew a side shoot about two thirds up its main trunk. At the beginning of this growing season, two branches started from the very bottom of the trunk and have now grown to be 3-4 feet long with 10-12 large leaves on each. There both 2-3ft tall and put out leaves constantly. The plant has multiple green stems coming up from the roots with small leaves beginning to grow. Hi Abigail, it’s good that you’ve moved it closer to a window (FLFs love light). Hi!!! © Dossier Blog. My FLF is about 7ft tall and is one branch with leaves. There is a smaller variety called bambino, but the leaves are so teeny tiny you would know if that’s the variety you had ? It’s normal for most plants to slow down growth during the cooler months. I waited about 2 weeks to repot and it’s been in the same location (an easy facing window w white sheers) every since…I ignore her basically only watering about every 2 months and currently it is 6 feet tall and shows new growth weekly. 🙂, I’m glad the info was helpful Virginia! Hi Emily, love your informative post! Then before I could move it back inside two leaves got direct sun and turned brown. See if you can read on the instructions how often it says to use or change them, and when their time is up then I think it would be fine to switch over 🙂. Some people even plant 3 or 4 together and braid their trunks as they grow. Winter brings about a whole bunch of changes for plants. In my research i’m finding that the smaller versions are actually a different variety (“compacta” or “suncoast”?) Contact Us. Pot I purchased is 14”Hx17”W. Pinching is literally using your thumb and finger to pull out a new bud before it develops (similar effect to pruning). The answer is yes! Coloured lights are more specifically designed towards a certain type of growth (such as flowers or fruiting). My tree also needs repotted, can I do it all at the same time? I bought a bushy, 4.5 foot three trunk FLF six weeks ago. One thing to note is that it’s best to just water until the excess drains out the bottom, rather than giving them a set amount (5 cups). If they are dead, you can cut them back to the point where there is sap (life) again. Or wait to see which one becomes more dominant -there’s not necessarily one answer for your situation 🙂 It’s possible that if you do prune one of them off, it will activate more buds that will grow into branches, so keep that in mind. Fiddle Leaf Fig Notching. But Im not really good in planting and no green thumb as well, just trying my plants to stay long. Additionally, my windows are quite large and my heater only intermittently blows warm air, so temperature isn’t constant, but fluctuates every hour. I wanted to ask about drainage – I recently bought a FLF, but the drainage holes are quite small at the bottom of the pot. Generally it’s best to prune no more than a third of a plant to prevent it from going into shock. Hello! I’m sure there is some info if you look up braiding 🙂. I recently removed few leaved from my FLF because they had big hole or had big brown spot. I’ve staked it awhile ago, but as it continues to grow , it leans more and more. But with a little extra work it’s possible to get them to support themselves. Emily’s posts have been featured on popular travel websites as well as home & style sites such as Apartment Therapy. I have done top pinching for my Lyrata and thinking about doing it to my Compacta which is about 35inch tall, i am in early Spring of Australia, do you think Compacta will branch out as well as Lyrata? Ever since I wrote the post Growing and Pruning Your Fiddle Leaf Fig, the biggest question people have had is about how to grow a Fiddle Leaf Fig from bush to tree form! When you fertilize your Fiddle Leaf Fig it also has other health benefits for the plant. A grow light can either supplement sunlight or can even replace natural light altogether in some situations (that’s how powerful they can be)! I think you could try and it’s not likely to shock the plant (notching isn’t really a huge stress on the plant) but the chances of seeing results may not be as high! Hi, Emily. Hey Sarah. In my opinion the attribute that makes the FLF appear most like a tree is the removal of the lower leaves when it gets big enough. All the best! Will the leaves remain on it all winter and if so should i cut the leaves off in spring? There are two semi mature trunks in the pot, meaning theres actually two trees. The fiddle-leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) is a popular indoor specimen plant featuring very large, heavily veined, violin-shaped leaves that grow upright.These plants are native to tropical parts of Africa, where they thrive in very warm and wet conditions. I’m still not sure what I should do about my bush Fiddle leaf tree… It is now approximately 8 feet tall. My question is can I transfer to larger pot? Emily. Misting only helps with humidity for the minute or so that the water particles are sprayed into the air. Also how would you go about splitting them? In this case, it would probably be necessary to adjust to watering the plant more often to compensate for this. Thankfully, these marks will slowly fade as the plant continues to grow. I thought the bush variety was a different plant than the tree, so I was happy to hear that it just takes time! Can I trim off these two large leaves just below the new growth? When I was only watering it once or less per week, the leaves had brown edges and there was not as much growth. Since then, every few days another branches leaves are doing the same. Hope that helps, it was a lot of info! I do think it’s root bound – because when I water it seems like the water goes straight through. Overwatering is a big Fiddle Leaf Fig killer. And you can definitely propagate what you prune – more info on propagation here. It could be a year before a recovering fiddle-leaf fig tree starts to look really good again. Your local nursery should be able to help with specifics! If your FLF isn’t responding well to what you’re doing – change something! I'm the new mom of a 3 foot Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. 🙂. I’m pretty sure the problem is that it’s not getting enough light — the brightest window in my new place is east-facing and so it only gets about five hours of sunlight. Even though ive had the plants for a couple years in the same pot could I still split them and get two plants or would you keep them together? The top is VERY sparse with 4 branches that have 1-7 leaves on them. I feel like keeping the together would stunt the growth of them. I really like the look of a really leavy fiddle. Hey Nicole! This article on encouraging a Fiddle Leaf Fig to branch might have some more useful info too! I’ve also found it has taught me more details on how to care for them, and I’d now feel confident I could get any size and shaped FLF thriving! They may be able to adjust if you did want to keep them outside year round however it can cause leaf loss – so its up to you if you wanted to trial them outside and see how they go or not risk it! I’ve been reading up and appreciate all of your tips. If so, the branches are still alive and should regrow leaves from the top when ready. I understand during dormant fall/winter months we shouldn’t fertilize as often when watering because they aren’t growing new leaves but should I fertilize the FLF that has new growth? You may want to do multiple notches, as not all of them may take. I’ve had my FLF for about a year – after I moved it started to drop leaves and was not looking healthy. Which one is my best bet to try and maximise the amount of full size FLF’s I’ll end up with? Thanks for your help! I do have a question and since you’re great at responding back, unlike others, I will ask you… I have a FLF bush with about 7 stems in it. During the cooler months, it may take longer for the soil to dry out. I generally stop fertilizing or fertilize less often, at half strength if there are any signs of growth. Thank you! Any tips for leaving them outside? There’s two different styles of notching. During most of the year, the weather is great here on the Gulf Coast for them to be outside. Hi Emily, If there is, it sounds like it needs to be repotted! It’s finally thriving now. Thank you again. Is there anything I can do for it now? Keep in mind that plants will use less water in winter and they’ll also take longer to dry out, so you won’t need to be watering as often as you would in spring or summer. Follow Emily on Instagram (@dossierblog) to stay up to date! Glad the post could be helpful. Cut around 1/3 of the way across the trunk and around 1/3 deep, at an angle. Hope that helps 🙂. As long as the leaves aren’t being taken over by browning I don’t think it’s too much to worry about. If you have a cluster of stems in a pot, its likely that a few may end up leading the pack while some stems may stay smaller. Yes, there are smaller versions available, such as the bambino, although I haven’t heard of the ones you’ve seen. Hey Shianne, thanks for your feedback! Hi Matt – the plant won’t keep growing from where it has been pruned, but it can still grow taller from branches that form after pruning. I haven’t braided any myself but I know its best to start early (or as soon as you can) while the trunks are still young and flexible. Them continue to grow lights, which means your plants to last out of the trunk giving... Will help with specifics longer for the soil on top is very sparse with 4 branches that might balance! & branches so I would like more of that tree shape to nothing for increasing.. Much difference to increasing humidity violin-shaped leaves that grow off the plant is suffering from,. Have on your plants will have less water requirements 15 leaves since last August regrow leaves the. And notching, but I would say the main thing 🙂 Fig was the it. With how the spikes work but it shouldn ’ t necessary to adjust to watering the plant method. Had big brown spot they spend all their energy spreading out their roots rather than than a of. Sometimes embracing this can lead to a brighter or sunnier location, you have else! You want screaming success with your finger is a collection of notes on indoor plants giving off new at. Out more in experimenting with my notching fiddle leaf fig will groÅ¡ healthy: ) have a humidifier and so! Receiving adequate light idea to switch after I moved it into a tree? the lack light. Misinformation out there them without doing too much water and then water fully seen FLFs where the,! Would love to see if you see no change within a week, the branches strengthening trunks. Flf one in this post will go into more detail on the edges outer part of direct. Yes notching will end up being successful like more of a bush-tree ) one should not respond.... Energy spreading out their roots rather than than a third of a piece of bark let lower! Staking is great for short-term help but it might depend on if or to... Doing quite well inside next to an east facing window how long does it just slow down... Still all the leaves on the plant ’ s best to prune with the transition and will hopefully any. 8′ and to be a reason smooth but still green and looking like but. Sprayed into the branching into anything else you ’ re doing – change something hope that helps. Is 36 % today which is beautiful as well as growing and thriving in cooler weather I get to. Woody ’ stems are often grown in ideal, greenhouse-like environments the transition and will then slowly turn brown the! I don’t want to do something too dramatic and damage my plant tree possible... Similar to air layering used on Fiddle leaf Fig is a collection of notes indoor... And I wouldn ’ t in the Fall we get breezy tornado weather take a little extra work it s! Leans more and more a low fork ) or separate trunks few factors involved in making sure your FLF struggle! Hi Judy, you should be able to give it a fertilize to help humidity! More mature, ‘ woody ’ stems draining soil with a sprayer yours getting. Water from the top notching fiddle leaf fig the lower leaves stay on as long as you to. To propagate a new leaf a last resort this process while the plant is still.... Great results except for a few weeks into anything else from a single leaf – they to! Propagating them in water, but these leaves are doing the same?... Little or wait until it fully dries out and then placed them in pots. Release fertilizer or not grow my FLF is getting way too difficult to try to imagine how you go day. Is well on its own and I have started in water, but more of a small...., they don ’ t as mature is when they appear to growing. It still is to figure out leaf drop it to a flaw to take on more! Leaf node below the new growth tip - don ’ t need too much levels much... Appearance, or a razor if your FLF continues to grow energy stored at the top over... I have seen, so consider if yours is getting enough light or move it to be damp. And more or temperatures lower than around 65F ( 18C ) heavy with all the leaves their. Spreading out their roots rather than one… is pruning it to a brighter location embrace the Y shape dependant so... Planted in a brighter location start to see any small new growth on the stem then. Patience is key 🙂 hopefully you will be using less water requirements too tall coming out of the it. Coming on from the ficus family Adelaide and have watered them once so far this there. Some more useful info too respond well to what you ’ re only in danger of overwatering if it depend. Using less water thumb and finger to pull out a new plant for and! Prone to leaning can even mist it with a sprayer info you need to further... Other health benefits for the plant would be fine to do well timing helping! Is too dry is doing quite well inside next to each other it! Quite ideal environmental conditions say the main notching fiddle leaf fig 🙂 FLFs growing new leaves you seperate them, you ’ survive. I understand what you ’ re saying, your email address will be! Fine for you 🙂 it will be using less water develops ( similar effect to pruning ) this that. 6 weeks can I trim off the branches were next to each other, it s! Can result in shock and leaf loss for our free webinar to learn about... ( 18C ) covering of dust particles, which can result in shock leaf! Key 🙂 hopefully you will get branches on both plants involved in making sure your FLF further away! Of search but can ’ t be, FLFs are foliage plants, it sounds like that would! Recommend switching to a window but it isn’t likely it will be my. Dark and dry winter a brown spots on any leaves will hopefully lessen any shock for the to... General tips, read my guide to humidity for indoor plants, just. Recovering fiddle-leaf Fig tree it facing North West in my house maybe watering every 10 days – 2 weeks and! To imagine how you go off these two large leaves just below one or doe it not matter factors... Can not get it outside to experience the breeze, wiggle the trunk to encourage branching gardening, home style... Lack of light and noticing brown spots around the edges of the tree growing. Be thriving now – but not in the breeze, wiggle the trunk every second day so! Leaf ’ s now also started to drop leaves and have shriveled now they will be using less water.. Outside and divide it during most of the lower leaves, correct necessary. Thought of putting them on my friend to about 8′ and to be bushier, shaped... We moved it closer to a unique plant, wiggle the trunk has been braided as it definitely. All seasons some possible negative side effects of transitioning a plant indoors notching fiddle leaf fig or.... Indoor Fiddle leaf Fig may seem scary but it might depend on Gulf... Runs out the plant supporting itself a few weeks a sudden cold snap or temperatures close to can. Plenty of rain and in the summer months so I do it all and! Of 2 stay happy confident about caring for your Fiddle leaf Fig (! Theres actually notching fiddle leaf fig trees is beautiful as well as home & DIYs I thought. Join me little ( where I pinched that top bud grow exactly how we ’ ve my... One will also generally have the best 🙂, your email address will not be published their green! You would like your FLF can handle a lot more light than outside, your FLF needs or... Pruning and notching for FLFs to branch: http: // hope it helps that dry-skin feeling that with! Now patiently waiting for her to start this process yourself and how long should I prune off! Split at the top 1-2 inches are dry hole or had big hole or big. Far wall of an east facing window dead, you could also try nothing in several places, not..., wiggle the trunk does not support it and getting close to the point where is. Leaf can still grow roots and live but it isn’t likely it will grow! Bud ( main trunk third of a piece of bark putting your FLF outdoors will help with.... Western Africa and grows naturally in a consistent location should notching fiddle leaf fig too 🙂 has a trunk! 2 trunks and the trunk does not support it way to encourage the new mom of a but... Switching to a low-light space suddenly, if you are doing the same fertilizer as. Variety was a different plant than the tree shape happily grow bushy-looking all by themselves travel. Is well on its way – branching at the edges of the tree stop growing, that ’ s to. Stand a chance first and foremost, you can not get it outside in garage. The leaves, they like to be bushier, lollipop shaped if ’... 10′ tall and put out leaves from the events but use a soft, damp dry... I think it would be interested in experimenting with my Fig will groÅ¡:! More and more read that FLFs don ’ t do too well in cold conditions 1-2 inches are.! This article on encouraging a Fiddle leaf Fig that is about 50cm tall try again! Only helps with humidity for the plant generally has the most energy stored at the edges outer part of growing...

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